Important information! I strongly recommend that before buying and running the cheat ring, make a system restore point and transfer all the most necessary files to external drives. Also, in parallel, make a bootable USB flash drive so that you can install Windows from it. This is ONLY for the safety and security of your system. What would, in case of problems with the OS - Windows could be reinstalled. I note that thousands of users around the world play with the private cheats of RING developers, dozens of intermediaries sell their programs. Many of their programs are one of a kind and apart from their cheat nothing works for some games. But due to the unique bypass of anti-cheats and the hypervisor, there may be problems, in order to avoid which it is advisable to initially play it safe.

Use at your own risk!

The cheat may not work on cracked Windows and repacks.

Intel processor from 2015 year release!

Your disk where Windows is installed must be in GPT format and Windows installed in UEFI format!

After activating the key, refunds under no circumstances are made!

(This rule is from the developers of this cheat, I can’t influence it in any way)


Bans can happen in any case, use accounts that you don’t mind!

Put the cheat on the C drive or USB flash drive

Remove any antivirus, Riot Vanguard, Faceit. Disable Windows Defender Firewall.

Disable Secure boot in BIOS and enable Intel Virtualization

To check if the spoofer worked before and after launching the loader, enter the command in CMD, the data must be different before and after the spoofer: wmic diskdrive get serialnumber

Spoofer data is static and does not change. If you need new spoofer data, you will need to click on the HWID button in the loader and change it.


Download LOADER

Run loader as admin

Wait for the settings and follow the instructions in the loader, you will need to restart the PC when it writes to you about it.

After the reboot, start the loader again, if the loader menu opens, then select the desired cheat and click

load cheat

After the text about the successful injection, we can start the game. Cheat menu = Delete button.

To unload the cheat from the game, press END. You do not need to restart the cheat, it will be active until the PC is restarted!


Windows won't turn on?

Then do the following:

1. Disable Secure boot in BIOS

2. Disable Fast boot in BIOS

3. Find the CSM settings in the BOOT section of your BIOS and select the UEFI mode there

4. Press F10 and save the settings, after that everything should work!

Does the computer keep restarting?

1. Enable Intel Virtualization in BIOS

2. Disable Intel Vt-D in BIOS